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Arilou Of NNG Group And Ohmio Announce Working Together To Secure Autonomous Buses

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The agreement between the companies is a significant step in the adoption of cyber security solutions in the industry.

Ohmio Automotion Ltd (a subsidiary of the HMI Group) and Arilou Information Security Technologies Ltd., (part of NNG Group) concluded an agreement about deployment of cyber security solutions in a new generation of autonomous buses. As part of the agreement, Arilou will protect the in-vehicle network with the incorporation of their PIPS (Parallel Intrusion Prevention System) solution. Further on, NNG will also supply navigation solutions to the Ohmio autonomous buses.


Ohmio LIFT, a 20-person shuttle that can be extended to carry up to 40-person to operate on pre-determined routes without the need for a driver. It will provide services, similar to a tram, but with virtual rails, guided by a range of electronic systems.


Just imagine, how easy it is to tamper with the system in a vehicle that is not monitored by a driver or an owner – basically any passenger could access it, and launch malicious attacks. Arilou’s PIPS technology can effectively secure the vehicles both from remote attacks and from physical access attacks. As PIPS authenticating the ECUs, it can prevent such attacks, and thus give a peace of mind to the operators and the passengers as well. This is why we are truly proud to be part of such an exciting project. Shared mobility platforms are on the rise, and we are confident that PIPS is the right solution in effectively securing their networks. This is a huge step in making everyday transport of the future secure.

explained David Wiernik, President of NNG.


Ohmio is very pleased to be partnering with Arilou and NNG on this very important and crucial initiative. We all know that, apart from safety, the issue of cyber-security is paramount. In fact, a hacked AV vehicle could lead to enormous safety issues. We look forward to working with Arilou and NNG in placing their cyber-security module into our Ohmio Lift vehicles, so we can further demonstrate the power of our modular, open architecture platform. We are pleased to be world leaders in incorporating such a module into an AV vehicle to address this critical issue.

said Dean Zabrieszach, CEO of Ohmio Automotion.

Israel-based Arilou is the only cyber security company in the world with a portfolio of cyber security solutions that offers perfect results: 100% detection rate, 100% prevention and zero false positives with its PIPS Multilayered security approach. It is tested by OEMs and institutions as the University of Michigan Transport Research Institute (UMTRI). The company believes that with its holistic approach, and its multi-layered solutions, full protection of the vehicles can be a reality.

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