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Arilou Cyber Security Places Twice in the TU-Automtive Awards Finals: Interview with Ziv Levi

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Arilou Cyber Security enter the TU-Automotive Awards finals in 2 out of the 4 possible places. Arilou co-founder and CEO, Ziv Levi explains how this is an exciting moment for Arilou.

Arilou Technologies was shortlisted in the prestigious TU-Automotive Awards finals, with 2 products out of the 4 that are in the running to win. We talked to Ziv Levi, Arilou Co-Founder & CEO.

Why nominate Arilou for the Automotive Cybersecurity Product/Service of the Year at the TU-Automotive Awards?

As the global pioneer of automotive cyber-security, Arilou feels an obligation to always innovate in this domain. We strive to stay ahead of the curve, and since the TU-Automotive Awards are one of the most prestigious automotive awards, we believe it is the right place to showcase our innovative solutions.


How does it feel to be shortlisted for a TU-Automotive Award?

Being shortlisted for the finals of the TU-Automotive Awards is very exciting, especially due to the fact that we were shortlisted with 2 products out of the 4 that made it to the finals (maybe the first time in the award’s history?)!

This prestigious award puts the spotlight on the most advanced innovation in the automotive domain, and it is a great honour to be at the forefront of innovation in these turbulent yet exciting times for the industry.

Ziv Levi Smiling Happily

What would be your no.1 piece of advice for automotive tech newcomers, just starting their career?

Talk to your customers. Make an effort to understand what their current pain points are, and what their pain points will be in the next 5-10 years. Based on those, design the most cost-effective solutions to tackle their issues and advance the industry forward.

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