At Arilou, we focus on the biggest threat to the connected automotive revolution - CYBER ATTACKS. We recognize that connectivity has become a standard feature in modern vehicle design. Our mission, is to provide the automotive industry with cutting-edge cyber security solutions, providing peace of mind and security for manufacturers and their customers.
  • Parallel Intrusion Prevention System (PIPS)

    The ONLY proven solution on the market with a 100% detection rate, ZERO false positives, and ZERO latency, PIPS protects the entire vehicle network from a single point by actively intercepting malicious communication originating from an impersonating ECU.

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  • In-Vehicle Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS)

    IDPS is an advanced software (SW) solution, monitoring the control area network (CAN) bus and detecting anomalies in the communication patterns of electronic control units (ECUs). The integration mode depends on vehicle network architecture.

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  • CANpression

    A software-based, controller area network (CAN) message compression and authentication solution. As modern in-vehicle networks become more complex, CANpression reduces network overhead, allowing greater efficiency in architecture designs.

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  • Ethernet Security HUB (ESH)

    As automation and connectivity drive the automotive industry forward, vehicle networks are evolving. In answer to the growing need for bandwidth, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, Ethernet has emerged as a preferred choice over traditional networks.

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  • SIEM/SOC Backend Solution

    Monitoring and managing cyber security events is essential for the development of cyber security situational awareness. The Arilou Backend Solution can be integrated with other SIEM/SOC SW, or be used as a standalone solution. It provides analytics at both fleet and vehicle level for all Arilou In-Vehicle Network security products and for 3rd-party systems.

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  • Services

    As a complimentary service for our partners we support them with various services to keep their Cyber Security always on top.

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Arilou is the first Cyber Security vendor to develop and implement, the “Electronic Signature” as the most accurate technological source detection method. This technology provides 100% accuracy in detecting impersonation attacks.

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