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Secure-Boot for Automotive ECUs



Automotive ECUs run software that control a variety of different processes and features throughout the vehicle. Easily attacked by hackers, compromised ECUs can have a severe impact on vehicle operational safety. Arilou Secure-Boot safeguards the boot-chain, ensuring that only original, authenticated, firmware is loaded.

  • Provision

    Prepares and manages authentication key and configuration image download to ECU
  • Authenticate

    Hardware Root-of-Trust authenticated bootloader verifies, loads, and executes the OS
  • Report

    Reports unauthenticated components and logs for analysis
  • Restrict

    May be configured to halt the boot process if desired


Arilou Secure-Boot fills in the missing functions of the Chain-of-Trust and can authenticate and boot any size and number of applications.

The solution can be implemented on new and existing ECUs. And with flexible addressing, and versioning support, Arilou Secure-Boot is an essential building block in the enablement of secure, Over-the-Air, updates.

Benefits and featuresbenefits

  • Chain-of-Trust

    Closes the gaps in the Chain-of-Trust
  • Authentication

    Authenticate and boot any size and number of applications
  • Flexible Addressing

    Flexible addressing, and versioning support
  • OTA Enabler

    Enabler of essential Over-the-Air solutions
  • Provisioning Support

    Mechanism to prepare and manage key loading and configuration

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