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Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies are a key component in the future development of highly automated driving systems. And while V2X communication methods provide channel security that limits direct intrusion, they do not provide message content inspection for attacks from compromised devices.

Arilou’s Sentinel-V2X mitigates this problem by combining deep content inspection (DCI) with misbehavior detection (MD) and sensor fusion. This ensures that received messages are in line with baseline expectations and other sources of vehicle data.

  • Inspect

    Inspect traffic for deviation from allowed rules and baseline
  • Detect

    Detect violations of established baseline or expected behavior
  • Report

    Report and log detected cyber-events for further analysis
  • Discard

    Discard events that are hazardous to safety or functionality


Sentinel-V2X is an SDK that can be integrated into the Onboard Unit (OBU) or nearby. Configurable as both an intrusion detection (IDS) and optional intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Incoming V2X messages are routed to Sentinel-V2X

Messages are inspected and any anomaly is reported.

When configured as an IPS, messages hazardous to safety or functionality are discarded.

Arilou offers flexible implementation modes tailored to meet OEM needs and architectural environments.

  • Learn

    Learn and define rules and communication profile
  • Monitor

    Monitor and examine V2X messages and sensor data
  • Detect

    Detect deviations from established profile and rules

Security mechanismsSecurity mechanisms

Sentinel-V2X is designed to counter attackers manipulating data traffic via compromised V2X devices such as other vehicles, roadside transmitters or hacked command and control centers.

  • Deep Content Inspection

    Context specific message consistency and payload inspection
  • Misbehavior Detection

    Detects attacks and verifies message plausibility vs expected operation
  • Verification

    Verifies message format validity per protocol specifications
  • Attack Mitigation

    Denial-of-service protection, and whitelisting

Benefits and featuresBenefits and features

  • Rogue Message Protection

    Defends against compromised V2X messages from external sources
  • Propagation Mitigation

    Protects other V2X users from the spread of cyber-attacks

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