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Sentinel-CAN is a software-based intrusion detection system with an optional intrusion prevention system mechanism.

The most advanced cyber-security suite on the market, and with flexible integration modes, Sentinel-CAN secures a vehicle’s controller area network (CAN) buses against cyber-attack.

  • Inspect

    Inspect traffic for deviation from allowed rules and baseline
  • Detect

    Detect violations of established baseline or expected behavior
  • Report

    Report and log detected cyber-events for further analysis
  • Discard

    Discard events that are hazardous to safety or functionality


Sentinel-CAN is an SDK integrated into an ECU. It may be an existing ECU such as a gateway, a TCU, or a dedicated ECU attached to the CAN-Bus in-vehicle network.

Incoming CAN messages are routed to SENTINEL-CAN

Messages are inspected and any anomaly is reported

When configured as an IPS, messages hazardous to safety or functionality are discarded

Arilou offers flexible implementation modes tailored to meet OEM needs and architectural environments.

  • Learn

    Learn and define rules and communication profile
  • Monitor

    Monitor and examine CAN bus traffic
  • Detect

    Detect deviations from established profile and rules

Benefits and featuresbenefits

  • Optional Prevention

    Optionally discard message frames identified as attacks
  • Flexible Implementation

    Gateway or endpoint integration options
  • High Performance

    Optimized for high performance frame processing
  • Context Aware

    Manages rare event cases including emergency braking and reckless driving
  • Custom Event Reporting

    Report via telematics, cellular SMS, Cellular IP or as specified

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